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Our herbal Detox Tea helps to cleanse and debloat in order to energize your day while helping to reduce bloat, keep you fit and on track. These herbal drinks help you get in shape within months of regular use by supporting metabolism, reducing stress and bloating, detoxifying, and cleansing the body for a flatter tummy

1111 Detox Tummy Tea

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  • Loose Leaf Tea Brewing Instructions

    1. Boil water in your tea kettle or pot

    2. While waiting for water to boil, add the appropriate amount of loose leaf tea to your tea bag or steeping ball. Place the tea bag inside your mug. 

    3. When the water reaches the desired temperature, pour it over the tea bag or steeping ball into your mug. This will allow the water to circulate through the leaves.

    4. Time your tea. Once the time is up (5-7 minutes), dunk the infuser a couple of times to circulate the water. Remove the infuser and set aside for a second steeping.

    5. Serve in your favorite mug, or pour over ice for a satisfying iced tea.

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